Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Writing Challenge for Myself

So, I’ve found myself at something of a loss for blogging inspiration lately. I have wanted to blog, and I’m starting to feel a bit undisciplined for putting it off. I’m sorry for procrastinating. However, today I want to start a writing challenge for myself. I found this really neat site that has photo prompts, with descriptions, for different writing activities. Some lend themselves more to short stories, and some have a more journal-writing bent. I’m going to try really hard to post one every two weeks. I can’t promise they’ll be good, but I’ll try. It’s going to be a good exercise for me, I think.

Prompt #1: Make a list of Alphabetical Advice

Accept Advice
Be Honest
Consequences are Real
Dance Every Now and Then
Every Struggle Comes to an End
Forgive Always
Give Of Yourself
Happiness is Just a Feeling
Invest in Others
Judging is God’s Job, Not Yours
Kids Can Teach You a Lot
Learning Doesn’t Stop at Graduation
Meaning Can Be Found in Everything
Notice the Little Things
Own Up to Your Mistakes
Plan For Possibilities, but Don’t Be Rigid
Questions Can Indeed Be Stupid
Remember God’s Faithfulness
Self-pity Will Get You Nowhere
Temptation Takes Many Forms
Understanding Doesn’t Come Overnight
Value People
W’s are Awesome
X-pect Life to Have Ups and Downs
Your Life Should Mean Something
Zeal is Important but Often Misplaced

I had fun with this one, and I may do more, with a writing focus or something else. You should try one yourself!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing Update

You know, all my brilliant ideas seem to vanish when I actually go to write a blog post. Confused smileThat’s why I’m late. I love blogging, but it’s certainly a lesson in not waiting for inspiration.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I actually am writing. I’ve been working on a fantasy called Raiders’ Rise, and I’m hoping to finish the rough draft by the end of the summer. Phew, that’s a really crazy goal when I think about it! Anyway, few of you actually know what Raiders’ Rise is, but I just finished Chapter 8, with a grand total of 15 typed pages and 4,801 words. The previous 7 chapters have an average of 1,967 words apiece. It took me a while to write… And it brings my book total up to 18,571 words. I’m thinking I will end up with a fairly long novel, since I’m really only about a quarter of the way through the book at this point. We’ll just have to see!

The reason this chapter ended up being longer than the others was that I had a very specific, symbolic way I wanted to begin and end the chapter, and all the in-between stuff became needed as I was writing it. I was going a little crazy, because I wanted to finish it so badly! That’s how writing goes, though, isn’t it? But I did complete it, so I feel accomplished. And now to keep pushing!

How long is the average chapter word count in the books you’re working on right now? How do you like to end chapters? How’s the writing progress for those of you who are writers? Keep writing; it’s worth it in the end!