Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Writer’s Advice by ABC

I realize I did Alphabetical Advice recently, but I wanted to do another one specific to writing. So, without further ado:

Avoid redundancy.

Brilliant writing will not come every single day.

Characters must be real and unique.

Description can be overdone, but it is nonetheless necessary.

Emotion is king in stories.

Friends don’t necessarily want to hear every single thing you write.

Giving up won’t make you feel any better.

Help can come from unusual sources.

Inspiration is incredibly fickle.

Jump into something new every now and then.

Knock on the door of opportunity.

Listen for the truth in criticism.

Manage your time productively.

No idea is completely original.

One day at a time – that’s the only way to make progress.

People other than yourself have valid opinions.

Quantity, in the form of practice, often leads to better quality.

Relish your successes, but don’t let them swell your head.

Set goals.

Take the time to edit.

Understand the process in whatever sector you’re writing in.

Variety can often cure writer’s block.

Write consistently on many different topics.

X-periment with new techniques.

Your talent is a gift; appreciate it as such.

Zany as we may seem, writers have a very important job.

I’m not perfect at most of these, by any means. What aspects do you struggle with or do the best at?