Friday, April 25, 2014

Let the Flash Fiction Commence!

All right, everyone, here we go!

Rayne will give a prompt to Olivia
Olivia will give a prompt to Rcubed
Rcubed will give a prompt to me
And I will give a prompt to Rayne

1. Give your prompt, be it a concept, sentence, or other, and a word limit, 1000 words or less, to your partner on their blog. You can make a special post for this or you can just comment on their most recent post. 
2. You have until Midnight, Saturday, May 3 (central time) to post your flash fiction in response to this prompt on your blog.
3. After posting your prompt, visit at least the blog of the person who gave you a prompt and the person you gave a prompt to. Provide them with feedback on their flash fiction.
4. No profanity, explicit sexual references, excessive violence, etc.

Have fun, everyone! I look forward to seeing everyone's works! 


  1. Hey, Bluebelle! Here's your prompt :-)

    "I was the only one not crying at the funeral."

    Your word limit is 1000 words! Go :-)

    That's all you needed, right? Thanks so much for organizing this!


  2. oh my gosh! this is so cool! can't wait to see more!!!

    1. Thank you, Abigail! I'm so glad you stopped by and are following me! Thanks!

  3. Will it mess things up if I don't post my story on my blog. (Because it is shared and all, I hesitate to do so.) I could paste it into Rcubed's blog comment section?

  4. I'm sure it will work fine. :)


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