Monday, December 28, 2015

Happenings of the Month: December 2015

So, I’ve decided to try out a new segment on my blog, morphing things I’ve tried before and adding in some inspiration from other blogs. You remember my Entertainment of the Week posts, right? Well, I enjoy the concept of those, but they’re difficult to keep up with weekly. So I’m going to make it a monthly thing instead. I really love the idea of doing a monthly wrap-up, though (My blogger friend Katie does really fun ones on her blog A Writer’s Faith – check out her most recent one here). So I’ve decided to combine the two ideas. You’ll have to let me know what you think. Here we go!

Monthly Happenings Dec 2015

Entertainment of the Month:

  • Movies/TV

Cinderella (2015) – I saw Disney’s live-action version of this classic fairytale when it came out in theaters earlier this year. I loved it then and recently bought it on a whim. Everyone loves the idea of a Cinderella story; seeing it fleshed out in live-action is really wonderful. The film maintains a sense of fantasy with the vibrant colors and unique camera angles while telling a beautiful story of courage, kindness, and true love. I highly recommend this one.

  • Books

Maid to Match by Deanne Gist – Tillie Reese is on the cusp of everything she ever wanted. As part of the prestigious Vanderbilt estate at the turn of the nineteenth century, she’s in the running for the coveted position of lady’s maid to Edith Vanderbilt. With this position, she can travel, wear beautiful clothes, support her family, and help the poor. But though the Vanderbilts are immensely kind, they are strict about romances among their staff. And Tillie is about to experience sparks with Mack Danvers, a mountain man suffering through employment with the Vanderbilts for one purpose only: to help his sister. Tillie’s determined to experience life; Mack’s convinced that she’s dooming herself to lifelong unhappiness. Which way will true happiness lie? This is an adorably sassy, sweet story. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers, as it is quite heavy on the romance, but it’s clean and highly satisfying.

  • Music

"Light in the Hallway" – Pentatonix – From the acapella group’s debut original album comes this gem of a lullaby. It’s haunting and uplifiting all at once; I’ve got it perpetually stuck in my head.

"Epic Bruno Mars Medley" - Peter Hollens & Roomie – I am completely in love with Peter Hollens’ music, and he has the most wonderful way of doing Bruno Mars songs. Seriously, check this out.

My Life This Month:

Having a break from school has been wonderful, and I’ve prepared a lengthy to-do list for myself during the break. Unfortunately, I seem to be falling behind on that list. Gotta remedy that problem…

Christmas, of course, dominated the month of December. I was very much in the mood for Christmas music this particular year and listened to a lot, mostly through my Anthem Lights (Holiday) Pandora station. We bought a star for the tree for the first time in very possibly forever. And, to my great surprise, all I could find were ones with lights in them. I wasn’t happy initially, but the star we went with has softly changing colors, and I’m rather pleased with it. In addition, I managed to get fun WIN_20151227_23_26_12_Propresents for everyone and stayed basically on budget. Yay! I also received amazing presents from my family, including the entire Harry Potter novel set. It’s so pretty!

With the rest of my break, I’d like to get a handle on some writing. I’ve done almost none in the last few months, and I miss it so much! But I’ve got to stop relying so heavily on inspiration. It is, as the saying goes, extremely fickle.

I’m going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week! So excited!

Other Web Things:

The Storymonger (one of my personal favorite bloggers) is starting a web serial. Get a sneak peek here!

5 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Other Blogs - This Incandescent Life

Green Gables Fables – This modern adaption of Anne of Green Gables and its sequels is absolutely captivating. They’re in Season 2 now, and I am always on edge of my seat waiting for each week’s episode.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know what you liked or would like to see more of. What was your December like? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Awww, thank you SO much for mentioning me! That made me happy. :)

    Uff, December was busy and not busy at the same time. ... If that makes sense. Obviously I was off of school, but there were SO many parties and events to clean for and go to. But it was wonderful. And I got books for Christmas! So that's awesome. xD

    1. Well, your blog makes me happy. :)

      Ha, I know exactly what you mean. Between shopping and guests and setting up the tree and whatever else, December can be exhausting. Even without school. :D Ooh, books! What was your favorite?

  2. I love the way you combined the entertainment of the week post with the monthly wrap up! I understand how sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with weekly posts, and I think doing them monthly is a good solution. I haven't seen Cinderella yet! But I think I must! :P

    1. Thank you so much, Bailey! I highly appreciate your input! Oh yes, you definitely should. It is gorgeous.

  3. I like this idea of reviewing the entertainment of the month. I still owe you for introducing me to one of the best historical series I've ever read.

    I hope you enjoy the latest Star Wars! I'll be going this week also, although I haven't finished re-watching the original trilogy yet, and I hate theaters.

    1. Aw, thank you! I like the idea, too. Was that Chronicles of the Kings?

      Haha! I watched the original trilogy about a month ago, so I decided that counts. :D Oh no! Why don't you like theaters?

    2. Yes it was, and I found all but the last one at my church library!

      As for theaters, there's something about the atmosphere that I find unsettling. Also, when the seats are close to the screen I feel like I'm strapped to a jet plane...or X-wing.
      I could have pulled a C3-P0 and shouted "Oh no! I've forgotten how much I hate space travel!"

      It was a good movie, despite that.

    3. Very nice! I'm so happy that you enjoyed them; I love sharing stories I love with other people.

      I can understand on theaters. I don't like it when they're full. And I hate sitting near the front. Aagh! But when they're only partially full, I really enjoy theaters. Haha, that would have been hilarious!

      It was a good movie, indeed. I was kind of in shock afterward, but I really liked it. :)


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