Friday, January 22, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge #4–Let’s Get Started!

Hey, everyone, it’s here! Time to kick-off the first flash fiction challenge of  2016! I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has chosen to participate and who spread the word. Many of you went out of your way to promote this challenge, and I greatly appreciate it!


Image courtesy of Pixabay

So, to review, this challenge includes:

  • A writing prompt someone gives to you
  • A writing prompt you give to someone else
  • Feedback for each of the participants by the various participants

“Flash fiction” is a genre of short fiction, generally around 500 words, but examples can be up to 1000 words. In our challenge, the maximum length will be 1000 words, but each person may assign a shorter length with their prompt. Prompts can be anything from a concept to a sentence starter to a picture, etc. If it can prompt a story, you can use it. Below are your partners. Clicking on the name will lead you to the person’s blog.

No profanity, graphic violence, or sexual scenes in your prompts or stories. Find your partner and give them their prompt, along with a word count of your choice (but no more than 1000 words). Visit your partner’s blog and comment on their most recent post. Assign their prompt before you start work on your own flash fiction. You will have two weeks to write your story. It should be posted on Friday, February 5th, by 3pm Central Time. I will gather the stories and post links to them all as a late post on that Friday. Then you’ll give feedback both to the person who gave you a prompt and the person you gave a prompt to. I’ll remind you about that on the 5th. If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment here or email me at rachelleoneilwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have fun, everyone!

I will give a prompt to Katie Grace

Katie will give a prompt to Faith P.

Faith P. will give a prompt to Jesseca Dawn

Jesseca Dawn  will give a prompt to s.m.b.

s.m.b.  will give a prompt to Emmarayn Redding

Emmarayn will give a prompt to Anna Jolene

Anna will give a prompt to Faith Song

Faith Song will give a prompt to Rebekah

Rebekah will give a prompt to Rachael Steele

Rachael will give a prompt to Evan White

Evan  will give a prompt to Athelas Hale

Athelas will give a prompt to Sarah

Sarah will give a prompt to Sierra Joanne

Sierra will give a prompt to Jessi L. Roberts

Jessi will give a prompt to me


  1. Your prompt is "I'm no hero." It can be any length up to 1,000 words.
    Hope I did that right. I've never done this before.

    1. Thanks, Jessi! Does it have to start with that, or is that phrase just for inspiration?

    2. Sorry about not replying. I forgot google doesn't automatically subscribe.
      It could be anywhere in the story, or just inspiration.

    3. Tomorrow I will link to your story, along with all the other stories, and your partners (the person who gave you your prompt and the person you gave a prompt to) will give feedback on your story. For now, you can just sit and wait.

  2. Does the story have to be completed? As in there is nothing more to tell by the end of 1,000 words? Or can it be a part so you can continue it later on?

    1. It does have to be a complete story. You could definitely expand it, but it should have some conclusion of some sort in the thousand words.


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