Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faith–Trusting God in Everything

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1

If you’ve spent much time in church, then you’ve probably heard this verse before. It’s one of those things we quote regularly and put on home decorations. The concept is so integral to our lives as Christians. Faith. Such a simple word. Yet we continually forget to apply it.

I have a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, and, though I’m bad at reading it consistently, I’ve found a great deal of wisdom within its pages. Today’s entry pointed me to the verse I quoted above. Well, after I read it, I continued to read on through the rest of the chapter. It’s really an amazing passage of Scripture. It goes through the patriarchs, detailing their acts of faith. And, honestly, even though I know all these stories, the recounting of their faith is remarkable! Abraham wandered for years, trusting in God’s Promised Land. Moses’ parents trusted in God to protect their child from Pharaoh. Moses’ faith freed a nation from slavery. Rahab hid two spies, trusting that God would save her.

Hebrews 11 is like a breathing, chanting proclamation of faith and God’s power. It’s awesome! And reading it jolted me with energy. Lately, I’ve been rather lackadaisical about trusting God. In the back of my mind, it’s been a “Yes, I trust God.” But I haven’t been applying it. My faith has been missing actions.  And I’ve missed the excitement and certainty that faith brings.

Sanctus Real has an excellent song that inspires me to have more faith, and so does Kutless. I’ve posted both of them below.

The other thing that really caught my attention during today’s Jesus Calling entry was this:
“Spend time allowing My Light to infuse your dreams with life, gradually transforming them into reality. This is a very practical way of of collaborating with Me. I, the Creator of the universe, have deigned to to cocreate with you. Do not try to hurry this process.”
Well, I don’t know about you, but this immediately made me think of my writing. God gave me all the stories that are welling up inside of me. He infused me with the ability to put words together in a pleasing manner. He is the Author of both my story, as a whole, and of the stories I create. Yet I don’t always let Him in to co-create with me. How can I be achieving the best story if I’m not letting the Designer of that story work through me?

This has been poking at me a little bit recently, anyway. But now I realize that I can’t be the storyteller I’m supposed to be without God’s involvement in everything. This isn’t my show; it’s His. And I have to trust that He knows what He’s doing. Writing is one of my dreams, but I can’t hold onto it with a tight fist. He will fulfill in His way and His time. I just have to trust.

What about you? Are you living your life with faith? And are you giving Him your dreams to fulfill as He sees fit?

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