Friday, October 17, 2014

Links and Such

Today I’d like to share some links with you of things that I’ve been enjoying around the web over the last couple of months. Next week, I’ll have writing links, but this week is my random week. Hehe. Enjoy!

When Destiny Comes Calling - a serial story by Gillian Bronte Adams

Contest Header


A Fantastic Contest Celebrating the Release of Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams



Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed – there are a couple of things I disagree with the author on here, but, overall, this article is quite thought-provoking. I’d love to hear your thoughts in this one, especially!

Emma Approved – a modern, mini-episode adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma; it may be a little difficult to get into at first, but it becomes absolutely fantastic

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe – Absolutely stunning!

Don't Call Me a Worship Leader – found on the official website of The City Harmonic, this article talks about worship being far more than just music. Note: Part of it is strangely in a darker-colored text, but, if you highlight that part, it’s easy to read.


  1. I binge watched Emma Approved and quite enjoyed it! I think they stayed true to the characters...if not the spirit of the entire book.

    1. *laughs* I got into it during the first hiatus, I believe, so I caught up quickly and then only got two episodes per week. :D One of the first thoughts on my mind every Monday and Thursday when I woke up was, "New episode!" :P

      Hmm, I've never actually read Emma, so I can't say for sure. How do you think they departed from the spirit of the book?


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