Friday, September 9, 2016

The Way Life Changes: A Guest Post by Olivia Flewelling

I am very pleased to present for you all the first of two guest posts that you'll be receiving this month. The idea with each post was to hear from a blogger 1) whom I am friends with, and 2) whose blog came after mine. Here is the first!

Liv's Guest Post on Change

Change only ever came to me in an eyedropper. Little by little, the circumstances I feared or hoped for have eked into my life. Or change has not come at all.

I was afraid of change when I was young. A red-headed orphan called them bends in the road, and I shook my head. So perhaps mercy has come in the shape of a gentle slope for my life.

Relationships have faded away rather than be cut off abruptly. Writing was a gradual peak of interest that tapered into my life like it had always been there. Work came at little expense to my nerves.

Change, in fact, had ceased to be a four-headed bogeyman, and in my complacence I’d decided I could roll with whatever came.

Until this year: when my hometown direction was stopped up short and I looked the tallest changes in the face. A new life, interconnected with the old, but a bigger distance, a bigger jump, a bigger straining of ears, wiping of sweat, staring with eyes. More change than I expected from this life. My life.

I’ve survived, and even more. The thing is, while the ground has rumbled the tracks, I was never hit by the train. Standing on it as my life prepares to leave this particular station, I’m filled with courage to embrace Change for the first time ever.

A sense of peace, but confidence in change is not an empty promise. It’s something on higher ground than I, and if there is anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that I don’t need my comfort zone to live. I don’t need happy to live. I don’t need familiarity to live. I need Christ to live.

And with Him, all this ahead will be well indeed.


LivOlivia Flewelling is a twenty-something Canadian who slings paper in an office by day and writes (sometimes) at night. She completed the One Year Adventure Novel program in 2011 and has gone on to write far too many novel drafts and have two pieces published in Canadian Stories magazine. She spends the long winters loving life and harassing her family with quotes from the latest book she's been reading. She blogs over at Scribbles.


Thanks so much for this guest post, Liv! She always manages to be more poetic than I, and this post really spoke to me. What does change look like for ya'll? Does it scare you like it scares me? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thank you for the post, Olivia!
    "I don’t need happy to live. I don’t need familiarity to live. I need Christ to live." Those are good words, truths that I often need to be reminded of.

    1. Wasn't that a great phrasing? I was really impacted by that, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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