Friday, August 29, 2014

How's Your Writing Going?

I don't have a full post for you today because I've been working on a guest post for Laura Mizvaria's blog Sir Writesalot. And I've had some really busy days for the past week. So, instead of a post from me, I thought I'd get an update from ya'll. How's your writing going? What's your main project right now, and how's it going? What are you most excited about with it? My current project is my Beauty and the Beast retelling, but I'm quite off track with it. I'm supposed to have the first draft finished, but I'm only about halfway through it. *sigh* So, my goal for the next few days is to do some serious writing for it. What about you?


  1. My writing jumped of the tracks in July - and I haven't got back since! Perhaps when my sister starts college next week...then we can have quiet homework sessions together. :) (I know - it's procrastinating!)

    1. Liv!!! *stern look* I know how that goes, and, sometimes, that's life. But don't let yourself get too out of rhythm! :) I'd hate to see all your wonderful talent go to waste!

    2. :) :) Surely it will be easier when the weather gets cold...

      No, no, I will get back on track soon, I promise!

    3. Sure it will...

      Well, good! I hope to see the fruit of that intent soon!


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